Two military pilots injured after training exercise crash in Texas

Two military pilots were injured and multiple homes were damaged after a plane crashed in a North Texas neighborhood during a training exercise on Sunday morning.

The chief of Naval Air Training confirmed that two pilots were ejected from the aircraft while conducting a “routine training flight” that originated from Corpus Christi International Airport as the plane crashed in Lake Worth, Texas, about 2 miles northeast of Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth.

Both were transported to medical facilities and the instructor pilot was in stable condition, while the student naval aviator’s condition was not immediately clear.

The cause of the incident is under investigation.

No residents were injured but families from three homes were displaced as their homes sustained damage from debris.

Police said at a news conference Sunday afternoon the neighborhood is considered a potential accident zone because of its proximity to where planes take off and land.

Fire from the crash was contained to the plane but the incident also caused electrical outages within a two- to three-block radius.